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I wanted to briefly discuss this new Special Counsel filing (a sentencing memorandum) in the case of Alex van der Zwaan, a second-tier but not insignificant player in the Russia story. Most of the document deals with arguments about how van der Zwaan should be sentenced, why, cataloging his lies, etc. Not stuff that concerns us terribly.

The key is one paragraph I’ll reprint below. It is another link in the chain of contact between Paul Manafort and agents of Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign. It also adds new detail to a picture which I believe will eventually show that Manafort was sent into the Trump campaign by forces from abroad. The key factual assertion is that during the 2016 campaign Manafort and his deputy were in touch with a person who was tied to Russian intelligence and who they knew he had active ties to Russian intelligence. Here’s the paragraph.

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It sounds wonky. But if you care about the 2020 redistricting, whether cities with growing population get their full representation in Congress or whether areas with large populations get their fair share of federal funds, you need to focus on President Trump’s and Wilbur Ross’s effort to skew the 2020 Census. Read about it here.

I’ve been publicly critical of Google and Amazon for their monopolistic and often (especially in Amazon’s case) predatory business practices. But neither seems to have a corporate culture with the same level of sleaze and ‘if we can code it, we should totally do it’ ethos as Facebook. They deserve all the reputational damage they’re now incurring. But this is especially rich.

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Don’t miss Allegra Kirkland’s look at the NRA’s admissions about foreign funding. It is a very heavily lawyered letter which concedes that the NRA does receive funding from foreign individuals and entities. They also note that they move money between various accounts “as permitted by law.” This pretty clearly would allow the NRA to take foreign money into its non-election related accounts and then take money from those accounts which could be used on US elections and use it for that. In other words, all money is fungible and they’re conceding the mechanism to operationalize that fungibility. Lots of questions remain. But these are pretty key admissions, given the questions about the NRA’s ties to Russia and chatter about Russian money moving through the NRA into the 2016 election.

I was away for a week when apparently thirty insane things happened. In this week’s episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast, David Taintor walks me through all the crazy stuff that happened and we hash it all out. Listen on iTunes, Google Play or right here at TPM.

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This is important to note. By all evidence President Trump had to be pushed to sign off on this expulsion of Russian diplomats/spies. Reports also say that Trump refused to commit to the expulsion until he saw that other European allies committing first. Both domestically and internationally, Trump seems to have been faced by a fait accompli. All that said, he did sign off on a major expulsion. Yet note that Russia appears to be placing the blame on the United States and President Trump.

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I can think of lots of reasons no respected or prestigious lawyers are willing to represent the President. But I suspect this may be one of them that gets less attention than it should. From TPM Reader JB

No big law firm can rep Trump because of powerful partners (especially female) redlining it and the associate recruiting pr disaster it would trigger (especially with young women). Repping Trump is a political statement no large law firm can afford to make. Big city lawyers are disproportionately Dems.

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Thanks to everyone who held down the TPM fort while I was away. I published a few posts over the last couple days. But I only got back to New York this evening. I was away for a few days longer than expected for unforeseen reasons.

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