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Here are some more data points as we move toward the 30-day mark before the midterm election.

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For everything that’s happened in this process, in many ways what stuns me most is what Sen. Grassley is doing right now. He is again going back to this claim that the Democrats held the sexual misconduct accusations against Kavanaugh “in reserve” for the last moment to spring on the helpless judge.

We now know quite a bit about the chain of events that brought these accusations to light. Blasey Ford wrote a letter to Dianne Feinstein and asked her not to share it with anyone else. It seems clear that it was Feinstein’s intention to allow the confirmation to go to a vote without these allegations ever being made public. Late in the process some of her colleagues were reportedly getting upset with her because she wasn’t revealing an allegation she knew about.

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A short while back I mentioned that we’re about to kick off a series of live briefings with election experts and newsmakers as we come down to the final weeks of the election. These are part of a new membership service we’re launching. But for these critical weeks before the election we’re going to open them up to all Prime members.

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Chuck Grassley just did some weird, disturbing freestyle Grandpa Simpson imitation, yelling (literally yelling) at the press over bias against Kavanaugh. Watch.

Vice President Pence is giving a speech today at the Hudson Institute. Normally that wouldn’t get a lot of attention, especially with so much else going on. But this is a bigger deal than it might appear. Seeing portions of the speech now on Twitter, it is crystal clear that the White House is trying to delegitimize the on-going Mueller probe by setting up China is the real meddler in US internal affairs and democratic practice.

Most importantly, they are claiming that China is working against Donald Trump in 2018 and 2020. This is a big, big deal and I expect they will be expanding on it in the coming weeks and likely going into 2020.

Look at these tweets. Seldin is a reporter with Voice of America.

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The ‘investigation’ is done. Senators are now reviewing it. And well, everyone is lining up. Susan Collins says “it appears to be a very thorough investigation.” Lindsey Graham says he’s good to go. Feinstein calls it a “incomplete.” Jeff Flake seems to be in line with Susan Collins in calling it a thorough investigation, according to CNN’s Manu Raju.

With Election Day just over a month away, I’m going to be writing regular election updates. These often won’t be fully structured posts. Often they’ll be a package of different data points, observations, links, etc., all intended to give a basic sense of where things stand on a given day. So with that, let’s discuss an apparent shift in the polls in the GOP’s direction in the first days of October.

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