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Episode #7 of The Josh Marshall Podcast is out. I ask The New Yorker’s Jeff Toobin the big question: Is Paul Manafort more worried about a lifetime sentence or getting nerve gassed in Northern Virginia. Listen here. And remember: please subscribe on iTunes or Google Play if you haven’t already. It really helps a lot.

Yesterday I mentioned that Roger Stone has spent decades cultivating a reputation as the ultimate dirty trickster and master of the political dark arts. He’s still doing that. But he’s simultaneously needing to deny his role in capers he’s hinted at his involvement in because he seems genuinely worried he may end up indicted by Robert Mueller’s investigators. Quite a pickle!

Let me share a few additional weirdnesses about this I stumbled on last night.

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The Wall Street Journal has an article out this afternoon about Robert Mueller’s investigators asking about an August 4th, 2016 email from Roger Stone to Sam Nunberg, who’s been portrayed as protege of Stone’s. In the email Stone writes: “I dined with Julian Assange last night.”

That seems pretty straightforward, to put it mildly.

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