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I wanted to flag your attention to this video. It’s video of a protest by the Jewish activist group Never Again Action protesting outside the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, Rhode Island, a private immigration detention facility.

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The Trump presidency is a constant illustration of those proverbs about “interesting times” and the curse of living during inflection points in history. When President Trump came to office he withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade regime focused on countering China. Trump pulled out of it as part of his greater hostility to multilateralism. But the TPP had already lost a great deal of support within the Democratic Party. Among Democrats, the argument was that it was a trade regime written to advantage corporations over labor, the environment, human rights, etc. The opposition certainly included a lot of traditional protectionism and it is often portrayed as such. But this is too simple and, in significant respects, a misleading explanation. Modern trade agreements are only partly about tariffs. They’re more whole commercial regimes — focused on intellectual property protections, technology transfers, endless rules of the road about the movements and regulation of capital and labor. But a broader point which now gets lost in the shuffle was that TPP was a multilateral agreement, which sought to bring in most of the states of the Pacific rim on terms defined by the U.S. as a counter to China.

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Ken Cuccinelli, longtime focus of TPM reporting and now President Trump’s non-Senate-confirmed immigration chief, tells CNN that the poem on the Statute of Liberty is actually referring to “people coming from Europe” and “wretched” didn’t really mean “wretched” — just that they were commoners, not members of the nobility or gentry.

For all the arguing and analyzing and prognosticating about the 2020 presidential race I am surprised how little attention has been given to what may or I think likely will play the biggest role in the outcome: third party candidates.

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We’re making a major push to grow our membership base in the second half of 2019. It is both critical to the future vitality of TPM and also a major opportunity. This post will explain what’s at stake, what’s within reach as well as important context and background. It’s mainly filled with points and details I’ll refer back to over time and it’s mainly intended for our core audience and members as some transparency into what we’re doing and why. But it also includes details about the nuts and bolts of the digital publishing economy. So others may be interested as well.

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