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Justice Kennedy announces his retirement. President Trump will get a second Supreme Court pick, likely solidifying a far-right court majority for years to come.

There are plenty of others who can give you smarter and more knowledgable takes on the Janus decision. It’s terrible. As Justice Kagan says, it’s weaponizing the First Amendment, a new interstate commerce clause, only for power rather than rights. The only very mild saving grace in the Janus decision is that labor saw this coming a mile away and they’ve had time to prepare as much as possible. There’s not a lot they can do but there are steps to mitigate the damage. The decision itself is the purest form of right wing judicial activism and illegitimate because it relies on the corrupt appointment of Justice Gorsuch.

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There are countless stories to tell about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s big upset win tonight in New York’s 14th congressional district, based in adjoining (across the river) parts of Queens and the Bronx. But the most important one is that it really should not surprise us. New York is a dramatically different city than it was even ten years ago. The differences are vast compared to two or three decades ago when representatives like Joe Crowley and other challenged incumbents began their careers. It makes perfect sense that a young person of color with social democratic politics would be a winner in this district.

Here are some basic demographic facts about the 14th district.

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