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I’ve mentioned a few times Bill Barr’s history of trying to cover up Republican scandals and whip up Democratic ones. But until yesterday I didn’t know of this, yet another example of Barr’s corrupt history. It’s actually an earlier “summarizes the principal conclusions” memo as part of a different cover-up, back 30 years ago.

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March 26, 2019: “It was a complete and total exoneration. The Mueller report was great. It could not have been better.”

One more from this conversation before I set it aside for the morning. TPM Reader EF adds an important point or clarification, one I find myself in deep agreement with. Some people were demoralized after Mueller submitted his report. I don’t count myself in that group at all. I understand that feeling; I don’t share it. I never thought Mueller’s investigation would end Trump’s presidency. That’s only going to happen in an election.

I’m eager to see his team’s findings regardless of what they are because it is critical to find out what happened or as close as we can get to knowing. What frustrates me deeply is that we haven’t seen the Report. It’s a shocking level of coverup that I don’t think most people – certainly most of the press – have remotely grasped. Let me have EF explain …

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One more reader email for this morning, this one from TPM Reader JZ. I should remind everyone that this thread of conversation is from this weekend and a lot of the emails are themselves held over from the weekend. But among other reasons for passing on JZ’s note is this. One common thread of a lot of the non-despairing emails is they talk about continuing to be involved in the Indivisible groups they were plugged into during the election.

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TPM Reader PB chimes in on the despair thread …

I think a lot of people are feeling a certain sense of despair right now because they expected it to be easier than this. I think many thought the Mueller Report would serve as some kind of “magic bullet” that would defeat Trump and Trumpism once and for all in one fell swoop. It was never going to be that easy.

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So we have a date: Thursday, April 18th. This is probably obvious to many of you. But it’s important enough to restate. We shouldn’t see this as the actual release of the report or anything that will give us a full picture of what the investigation found.

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I’m going to share more of the letters I’ve been sharing over the last couple days. But, before doing so, I wanted to clarify one point that has come up in some of the responses. I don’t share this pessimism – either characterologically or as a matter of prognostication. But it’s out there. So I want to engage it. It’s a fact of the political terrain at this moment whether it is accurate as an appraisal or helpful in the effect. In any case, I wanted to clarify that I do not mean to channel my own take by sharing what many readers are expressing.

Along those lines, here’s a note from longtime TPM Reader AF

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I pass this on not because I agree or disagree with it but because I think it captures where a lot of people, a lot of our readers, are at the moment. From TPM Reader DW

I have lost all faith in people. The Democratic voters are determined to screw this up. If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, they will pout and say it’s rigged. If he is the nominee, he will probably lose because he will be attacked as being a socialist or whatever. I’m just gonna make my money, take care of the people I care about and pray I can survive six more years of this madness. I don’t know what else to do. I feel like caring too much will make me go insane.

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