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The 2020 presidential election is an election with everything on the line for the United States. Four years of Trump is a national disaster. Eight years is a confirmation that it was no fluke. It embeds his degenerate style of government in the fabric of the Republic for the future. For those of us who believe in civic republicanism and a liberal future, no stone can be left unturned to ensure his defeat. It’s not just that the stakes are so high. He has big advantages in the electoral college. Incumbents usually get reelected. And let’s be frank: he already did once what many of us thought was all but impossible.

But we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t recognize another possible scenario, one which a lot of the factual evidence suggests is not at all unlikely. That is that Trump is a historically unpopular president; he routinely polls over 50 percent of the voting population saying they will definitely vote against his reelection; and he is likely to be crushed in his bid for reelection in 18 months.

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Earlier this week TPM Reader RS suggested something similar to what Jerry Nadler seems to be pushing for, but with a significant difference …

I think I’m personally in line with the article you posted yesterday, I think, by Adam Jentelson about the political advantages of impeaching even if conviction is a foregone conclusion, but I also agree with your post today that the House shouldn’t put a timeline on it.

I also think they need to do something to break out of the messaging box that they’re in, particularly since it appears that “ordinary” oversight isn’t quite getting the job done (largely due to unprecedented obstruction by the Administration).

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Ok, it’s on, I suppose …

It seems that years of Fox News false binaries have created a kind of a universal false binary narrative that everyone, even us vaunted liberals, seem to be unable to avoid using. TPM reader AX is just an example. She tells us that she deeply dislikes his abortion position, but because he’s the only former Vice President in the race, we have to sublimate those concerns (and others) because ‘experience’ and particularly ‘foreign policy’.

This is, frankly, insane.

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“I am not a ‘safe, legal, and rare’ person. I am an ‘on demand and without apology’ person. I am a ‘holy s*** I am so pissed off right now I’m gonna rip out my IUD, get pregnant, and have an abortion, over and over as many times as I can while I still can, as an fu to those people’ person. But I am also pragmatic. Why can’t Democrats be the same?”

TPM Reader AX has some thoughts about the Hyde amendment ….

(Remember, publishing a reader email does not signal agreement or disagreement. As they say on Twitter, don’t @ me.)

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Oh my. Michael Flynn has fired his lawyer and retained new counsel ahead of sentencing. Story coming shortly.

In recent days we’ve been talking about the pace and strategy of Democratic investigations of President Trump. Impeach or not to impeach has taken up a lot of the discussion. We’ve also discussed the need to dramatically up the pace and the aggressiveness of the push, quite apart from whether or not it’s labeled an impeachment inquiry. As I’ve been at pains to explain, when you have a recalcitrant, indeed a law-defying President, most of this quickly ends up in the courts. There the logic of legal strategy usually fits at best uneasily with the logic of politics. No one’s going to be satisfied with the pace. Keeping the substance and the optics and the strategy in alignment is a complicated task.

As a general matter I’ve assumed, I think accurately, that people’s aims are on the up and up whatever disagreements there may be about strategy. But just in the last few days I’ve started to wonder about Rep. Richard Neal (D), dean of the Massachusetts delegation and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. That’s the tax writing committee which is normally of most concern to policy wonks and corporate lobbyists. But in our Trump corruption moment it’s a position with unique hold over the question of getting the President’s tax returns.

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