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Short time ago, Judge Jackson gave the Special Counsel the go-ahead to release the redacted version of the Manafort sentencing memo. So that should be out very soon.

We and everyone else were waiting with great expectation for a big and presumably the final major filing in the Manafort case. It was supposed to come yesterday (Friday) but it didn’t. We can’t know to a certainty. But based on our reporting and past practice the following is almost certainly what happened.

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Earlier this week, Goodloe Sutton, the editor and publisher of a small local paper in western Alabama published an editorial calling for the “Ku Klux Klan to night ride again” and “clean up” Washington DC with a few choice lynchings.

Sutton later clarified: “It’s not calling for the lynchings of Americans. These are socialist-communists we’re talking about. Do you know what socialism and communism is?”

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An unnamed senior Justice Department official spoke to a number of DOJ reporters a short time ago and said the DOJ does not expect Bob Mueller to file a report or end his probe next week. Let’s try to put together what this means.

First, this is clearly meant to push back against or correct the report from earlier this week from CNN. But it’s important to remember what CNN reported. That was that the report could come “as soon as next week.”

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Trump says Mueller Report will show “no collusion” if it’s “honest.”

I think this is right. We’ll know how good or bad the Mueller ‘report’ is for Trump by how quickly and completely it’s released. From TPM Reader RS

I just read “More Thoughts on the End of the Mueller Probe,” and thought I’d share a reaction that came to me — not necessarily because it directly follows from anything you wrote, but something that was probably implicit.

As you’ve written previously, it seems likely that AG Barr is going to try to do what he can for President Trump, within certain limits of professional reputation, responsibility, etc. It probably wasn’t that surprising, therefore, when he made public comments that suggested that he wouldn’t necessarily make the Mueller report (whatever there is) public in its entirety, particularly if there was information that was derogatory about uncharged individuals (e.g. President Trump or members of his family).

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As Republicans have played a rearguard defense in what turns out to be an egregious instance of election fraud in the 2018 congressional election in North Carolina’s 9th district, they’ve sometimes resorted to the curious claim that at least they’re vindicated. Contrary to Democrats’ claims, voter fraud really does happen! Even if it’s our candidates doing it. This is not only too clever by half. It is an intentional conflation. What Democrats and voting rights advocates say is that voter impersonation fraud is rare to the point of non-existence. Voter and election fraud is rare but not unknown. (The distinction is critical because voter ID laws, the top voter suppression method justified by claims of fraud, only has any relevance to voter impersonation fraud.) And that gets us to a critical lesson or rather a series of them from this incident in North Carolina.

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We have now heard about as reliably as we have to date that Bob Mueller’s Russia probe is ending very soon, as early as next week, and that he will then be filing his report to the new Attorney General. Bill Barr will then, at some point, release a ‘summary’ of those findings to Congress and presumably to the public. So, is the fix in? Is this somehow being shut down? Did Bill Barr, who only became AG last Thursday, shut this down on Trump’s behalf?

A lot of this doesn’t compute to me for reasons I’ll explain below. But I wanted to run through what I think are the key questions we should be asking and the range of possibilities we should see as possible explanations for this news.

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