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I mentioned on Friday evening that it’s not like Cohen just screwed himself by holding out on the SDNY prosecutors and then, only belatedly, deciding to cooperate fulsomely with The Special Counsel’s Office in September. As I said then, the decision seems quite intentional and probably made with at least some understanding of the consequences. That’s clear if you figure in Cohen’s personal and professional background: specifically, years of business dealings with people with Russian/Ukrainian mafia connections as well as marrying into that world.

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We’re aware that some readers are getting pop-up page-takeover ‘ads’ on the site in the last two days on mobile devices. We are aware of it and tracking it down is our absolute top priority. Tracking down the culprit can be time consuming since ad network advertising includes multiple intermediaries and third parties operating on the same networks. But again, we know and we’re doing everything in our power to track it down.

I want to focus your attention on a very important detail in yesterday’s Special Counsel’s Office sentencing memo for Michael Cohen. I noted this yesterday. But I want to zero in on some critical context. The memorandum states that “If the [Moscow building] project was completed, the [Trump Organization] could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources in licensing fees and other revenues.”

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It’s always important to step back from the particulars and see the big picture in the face of a rush of information like this. That big picture is starting to fill out. And it looks pretty bad.  So let’s take stock of it. We know that the Russian government went into the 2016 campaign with an aim of damaging Hillary Clinton. It’s unclear at just which point the overriding aim became electing Donald Trump. But it happened early.

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It’s that time of year: The 2018 Golden Duke awards have been announced. The competition as usual is fierce. Given that the Dukes have been around now for more than a decade – joined this year by the Duke of the Week – I thought it might make sense to go back to the beginning and explain just what the Dukes are, why they’re called Dukes, and what the whole point is.

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Another anti-Pelosi letter signer flips and supports Pelosi.

Do you find ads annoying? Obtrusive? As I mentioned earlier this fall, our team has been working around the clock on a general upgrade of our membership system, which includes a new ad-free version of TPM. That’s not banner ads, no cheesy ‘around the web’ nonsense below the articles. Just plain pure nothing but TPM. If you think you might be interested, please join me after the jump.

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