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Hoboken, N.J. Mayor Dawn Zimmer revealed two more letters on Monday night that she said bolster her claim that Gov. Chris Christie's administration threatened to withhold hurricane relief money from her city unless she approved a real estate project.

Zimmer showed the letters, which she said she sent to Christie last year discussing her requests for relief money, during an interview on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360."

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The New Jersey General Assembly and Senate plan on Tuesday morning to announce the creation of a special joint committee dedicated to investigating the scandal that has fallen on Gov. Chris Christie's (R) administration, a source in the State House confirmed to TPM.

The establishment of the joint committee, which was first reported by NBC News' Michael Isikoff, will be announced at a press conference scheduled for 10:30 a.m.

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Rockefeller Group, the company at the center of explosive allegations made by the mayor of Hoboken, N.J. over the weekend, has an extensive history of spreading campaign cash around New Jersey.

Records show the company and its executives have doled out more than $70,000 to Jersey candidates and committees from both parties, including $2,500 to Gov. Chris Christie.

Rockefeller Group became a focus of attention Saturday when Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer alleged that Christie aides had threatened to withhold hurricane relief money unless she approved a development project that involves the company. Rockefeller owns the land where the project was to be built and was also represented by a law firm founded by a close Christie ally.

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An aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) revealed in a conference call with reporters on Monday that the vast majority of relief money sent to Hoboken, N.J. in the wake of Hurricane Sandy was given to residents, not the city.

Marc Ferzan, the executive director of the Governor’s Office of Recovery and Rebuilding gave the details in an effort to refute claims made my Hoboken's mayor over the weekend. Mayor Dawn Zimmer, a Democrat, alleged that Christie aides had threatened to withhold relief money unless she approved a development project favored by the governor.

Ferzan said Hoboken requested $100 million in storm aid and outlined approximately $70 million he said was given to the city. Most of the money Ferzan identified went to individual residents and businesses rather than the city government.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) revealed in an interview published Monday that "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon recently sent him a private message on Twitter recently, trying to smooth things over regarding a sketch that mocked the governor's bridge scandal.

Christie said in the interview with Yahoo News that Fallon let him know the sketch, which starred New Jersey native and one of the governor's heroes Bruce Springsteen, was all in good fun.

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