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Al Jazeera's top executive on Tuesday announced he's stepping down after eight years at the helm of the Middle Eastern network.

Wadah Khanfar, who served as the network's director general, praised Al Jazeera's growth amid challenging circumstances.

"Al Jazeera gained the trust of its audience through consistently speaking truth to power, and channeling peoples' aspirations for dignity and freedom," Khanfar writes in his resignation letter. "Our audience quickly saw that Al Jazeera was of them and their world - it was not a foreign imposition nor did it seek to impose a partisan agenda. We were trusted to be objective and to be the voice of the voiceless."

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Bill O'Reilly isn't buying President Obama's push for the wealthiest Americans to pay their "fair share." In fact, "it's really starting to annoy" him.

"I just think the whole thing is bogus," O'Reilly said on his show Monday. And worse, Democrats just want to "take from people who have," he said. "They believe that's moral and that's right."

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Oops! South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) on Monday said she can't back up a claim she made about job seekers' drug use in her state.

Earlier, Haley claimed that about half of the applicants at a nuclear site in South Carolina failed a drug test -- evidence she used to justify the need to drug screen applicants for unemployment benefits. But it turns out that less than 1 percent of applicants failed the drug test, the Associated Press reports.

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Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) told MSNBC's Chris Jansing that President Obama's deficit-reduction plan -- which calls for increased taxes on wealthy Americans -- only "hurts" the economy.

Fleming -- a businessman who owns Subway sandwich shops and is responsible for more than 100 UPS stores across the south -- said that taxing wealthier people hurts job creation. Jansing pointed out that, as the Wall Street Journal estimated, Fleming raked in more than $6 million last year. Chump change, Fleming said!

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Remember last year, when all eyes were on a proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero? Protesters and politicians railed against the project, arguing that it disgraced hallowed ground.

Well, the center's organizers are finally opening an exhibit in the space. So, what's the Sharia-infused project in question, you ask? A photography exhibit, featuring portraits of children from around the world living in New York City.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) -- like any decent governor -- holds his state in high regard. So high, in fact, that he says the winner of Florida's straw poll this week will be the next president.

But a number of Republican presidential hopefuls aren't even participating. That doesn't matter, Scott says, because even if you're not participating ... you're participating.

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Climate change is a "human" -- not "political" -- issue, former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday at an event concluding his 24-hour Climate Reality Project intended to convert skeptics of global warming.

In order to have an intelligent conversation about climate change, Gore said, we need to "to start with an acceptance of what the reality is that we are actually facing." Gore compared the controversy and skepticism over global warming to tobacco companies that would manufacture public doubt about the harm of their product.

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Jon Stewart is famous for his legendary take-downs of Fox News, but in an interview with Rolling Stone, he says The Daily Show and Fox are not so different from one another.

"We're both expressions of dissatisfaction," Stewart said. "[Roger Ailes'], I think, happens to be a slightly more powerful version. ... Ailes was a strategist for Nixon. He comes from the seat of power, and he understands how important the narrative is. We come from comedy, so our natural instinct is not to understand that, and to be bratty. That goes a long way towards explaining the difference between the two organizations."

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Today in Some Crazy Person Asked Pat Robertson for Advice, we learn that the firebrand cleric doesn't merely dislike Alzheimer's -- "I hate Alzheimer's," he says -- but he thinks it's totally cool for you to divorce your spouse over it. A man wrote to Pat seeking advice for his friend, whose wife has Alzheimer's and no longer recognizes him. Pat's response, from Tuesday's 700 Club:

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