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America is "under attack" by the "Shockupy Wall Street" protests, Stephen Colbert said Thursday. And Oakland, California is ground zero for the "youth-stapo."

In Oakland on Tuesday, protesters sparred with law enforcement, throwing rocks and bottles at the police. So the cops were "forced" to respond with their own "improvised weapons," Colbert said: "tear gas canisters, flash grenades and bean-bag guns."

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Jon Stewart on Thursday took on the campaign of Mitt Romney -- or, as he's better known, "the uncontested frontrunner for everyone's second choice for the Republican nomination."

Over the past year, Stewart reported, Romney's polling numbers have been fairly consistent: hovering around 20 percent. "How has he managed to neither gain nor lose support, to remain inert?" Stewart asked. "If he were a color, he'd be beige."

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With Halloween just around the corner, Stephen Colbert on Wednesday had some tough words for those trying to spoil the spooky fun.

Apparently there's a new trend this year: costume swapping, to keep old costumes from ending up in landfills.

"This is political correctness gone bad," Colbert said. "Before you know it, we'll need to buy carbon offsets to leave a flaming bag of poop on a doorstep."

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Jon Stewart on Wednesday checked in with the Occupy Wall Street movement, to see how those protesting America's income inequality are doing. Turns out everyone's hanging in there.

"Aww, New York, adorable," Stewart said. "Philly, going very well. "Cincinnati, the Queen City. Oh, Washington D.C., so nice they won't let it join the union."

And then Oakland. "What the fuck happened in Oakland," Stewart asked.

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Stephen Colbert was really impressed with Herman Cain's new web video, showing his chief of staff smoking a cigarette and talking about taking the country back.

"Cain is a true rebel," Colbert said Tuesday. "I was so inspired by the way Herman Cain's ad sticks it to the East and West Coast elites, that I've made some Herman Cain ads of mine [sic] own."

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President Barack Obama was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tuesday night and hit on a wide range of topics, from pulling the troops in Iraq to working out in the gym every morning with his wife. Leno asked about Occupy Wall Street -- which Obama said he can understand, as people are frustrated -- and even who he likes in the World Series (since the White Sox are out, he doesn't really care who wins). Some of his strongest moments came in the third of the three segments, when Leno asked more loose, personal questions, but the first two were still a little revealing.

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President Obama stopped by the Tonight Show today, his fourth time chatting with Jay Leno (second while actually in the White House). There he discussed his reaction to Muammar Gaddafi's death as well as the race amongst GOP contenders On the latter, Obama said he wouldn't start paying much attention until some more of them are "voted off the island."

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Keith Olbermann often has tough words for Fox News, but not often like this.

During Countdown's "Worst Persons" segment on Monday, Olbermann harangued the weekend crew of Fox and Friends.

"Yes, they're the 'B Team' to the weekday dingbats, so they're astoundingly bad," Olbermann said.

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