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David Taintor is a news editor at Talking Points Memo. Previously, he worked at NBC News and Adweek. He's a native of Minnesota. Reach him at taintor@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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Welfare recipients should be treated like truck drivers, tea partying Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) says. Or, in other words, he wants to randomly drug test welfare recipients.

At a business chamber breakfast in Jay, Maine, LePage said, "I'm going to ask the Legislature to do what every truck driver in the United States of America has to do, take a random test," Maine Today reports. "I think if we're going to take our own limited resources, we ought to be able to test 'em on occasion."

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Embattled Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has no greater defender than Stephen Colbert. And this faux-pundit is fed up with the media "hounding" Cain.

"We all know these (sexual harassment) accusations are only about one thing," Colbert said, referring to right-wing commentators claiming the media's scrutiny of Cain is unfair criticism of a black conservative.

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Politicians love to talk about jobs. Democrats, of course, have one approach to creating jobs, while Republicans have ... well, another.

So, Jon Stewart challenged Congress Thursday, "let's see you guys put the money we're not making where your mouths are."

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The media frenzy over Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations has stretched into its third day, but Stephen Colbert isn't giving up on the former pizza magnate.

"It's a dark, dark day for America," he said. "And I'm not just saying that because he's, you know ... American."

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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stopped by the Daily Show on Tuesday to talk foreign policy with Jon Stewart.

The interview opened on a lighter note, with Stewart inquiring about a song that Libya's former dictator Muammar Qaddafi wrote for her, titled "Black Flower in the White House."

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We all had a laugh last week when pop singer Justin Bieber said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) should be thrown in jail for proposing legislation that would make streaming unlicensed content online a felony. But does the bill actually threaten amateur artists?

After Klobuchar introduced S.978, something of an online frenzy broke out in protest. The website FreeBieber.org claimed Bieber faced up to five years in prison if the bill were to pass. Many have written that Bieber is safe from prosecution. But the reality might be slightly more complicated.

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A Christian college in Georgia is asking all employees to sign a "personal lifestyle statement" declaring their heterosexuality.

Shorter University instituted the pledge in late October, the GA Voice reports, and it reads, in part, "I reject as acceptable all sexual activity not in agreement with the Bible, including, but not limited to, premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality."

According to university president Don Dowless, the pledge doesn't intend to offend. "Our goal is to declare who we are" he told WSB-TV. But if you don't sign it, your job may be at risk.

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Are you upset? Looking for someone to blame for the mortgage crisis? Blame Congress, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday morning.

Bloomberg at an Association for a Better New York breakfast -- a New York business organization -- was asked his opinion of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, Capital New York's Azi Paybarah reports. "I hear your complaints," Bloomberg replied, before shifting the conversation to the housing crisis.

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