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The Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal has entered a new phase: the former Godfather's Pizza CEO has gone from denying the claims, to refusing to address them, to holding a press conference in Arizona to speak about them in third person. Cain tried to squelch the scandal in one key phrase: "I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period," Cain said.

"Actually, that's a solid denial," Jon Stewart said on Wednesday. "It's really what the guy should have been saying all along." But luckily for Cain, there's still one person in his corner: his wife, who Cain says told him the sexual harassment allegations don't sound like him at all!

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First they occupied Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, then Washington, D.C. and Oakland. Now they're going to "Occupy the Highway."

A small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters plans to march from Wall Street to Washington, starting Wednesday afternoon, inspired by Civil Rights-era marches. The two-week march -- covering about 20 miles per day -- will make stops at Occupy Philly, Occupy Baltimore and stops in between, and the marchers hope to pick up supporters along the way.

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Stephen Colbert is increasingly worried about downtrodden hordes going after him and his wealthy friends. "The barbarians are at the gated communities," Colbert said. "We must be ready to flee at a moment's notice."

So Colbert was comforted by a recent full-page ad in Yachts International magazine. The ad reads, in part: "We used to sell yachts as luxury items. In today's world, they're really a necessity."

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Welfare recipients should be treated like truck drivers, tea partying Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) says. Or, in other words, he wants to randomly drug test welfare recipients.

At a business chamber breakfast in Jay, Maine, LePage said, "I'm going to ask the Legislature to do what every truck driver in the United States of America has to do, take a random test," Maine Today reports. "I think if we're going to take our own limited resources, we ought to be able to test 'em on occasion."

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Embattled Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has no greater defender than Stephen Colbert. And this faux-pundit is fed up with the media "hounding" Cain.

"We all know these (sexual harassment) accusations are only about one thing," Colbert said, referring to right-wing commentators claiming the media's scrutiny of Cain is unfair criticism of a black conservative.

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Politicians love to talk about jobs. Democrats, of course, have one approach to creating jobs, while Republicans have ... well, another.

So, Jon Stewart challenged Congress Thursday, "let's see you guys put the money we're not making where your mouths are."

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