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Stephen Colbert this holiday season is most thankful for Mitt Romney, who on Monday got a tip of Colbert's hat.

A new Romney ad "nails" President Obama using his own words, Colbert said. Actually, the ad shows Obama quoting former Republican presidential candidate John McCain. But who cares! They're Obama's words now.

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UC Davis student government president Adam Thongsavat was in a meeting on Friday when he received an urgent text message: riot police were on the campus mall, pepper spraying a group of sitting protesters. You have to get down here, the message read.

When he arrived on the quad, people were yelling and had their cameras out. Some were crying, others were coughing.Thongsavat went up to a couple campus police lieutenants -- including Lt. John Pike, one officer implicated in the pepper spraying -- and asked what was going on and who gave the order. "It wasn't us," one of the officers replied. Pike was silent.

"I took a deep breath, and said, 'It's going to be a really different campus," Thongsavat told TPM by phone Tuesday evening.

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By now, if you've been following the news out of UC Davis, you've probably seen the internet meme of campus Police Lt. John Pike pepper spraying his way through art history (if not, click here).

But now that Fox News has declared pepper spray a "food product, essentially," the good people who post amateur reviews on Amazon.com have weighed in. "Once I realized that spraying whipped cream into my mouth was both bland and fattening, I had to try this out," one reviewer wrote. "WARNING - Not a condiment!!!" another reviewer wrote. "NOMNOMNOMNOM," yet another reviewer wrote, adding that the pepper spray is "great on salads, burgers, and pizza."

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President Obama on Monday threatened to veto any effort to avoid the automatic spending cuts triggered by the deficit super committee's failure to reach a deal.

Obama -- who spoke for about four minutes and took no questions -- placed the blame for the committee's failure to reach a deal on Republicans, saying that Democrats offered concessions on entitlement programs, but Republicans wouldn't budge. Obama added that, one way or another, the U.S. will trim the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years -- a goal the super committee originally sought to achieve.

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