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Donald Trump is a great friend to Stephen Colbert. They race yachts, they trade mistresses. Colbert calls the Donald "Trump Card." Trump calls Colbert "Cold Beer."

But don't expect Colbert to shed a tear over Trump's bowing out of his own GOP debate. "(Trump) looks like a tangelo had sex with an old dish rag," Colbert said. "And I can say that because I love this man. And to honor the memory of Trump mattering, it is more important than ever I re-announce my 'South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate.'"

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The Learning Channel's programming isn't all innocent shows about young boys and girls dolled-up in pageants. Sometimes the network slips up, Jon Stewart said Tuesday.

Like TLC's new show, All-American Muslim. "What are they thinking?" Stewart said. "Who gives a jihadi terrorist cell a show? I say ... assuming that that must be it, because there's a controversy."

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It was fun while it lasted -- which is to say, it wasn't much fun at all. Donald Trump's debate died Tuesday afternoon, a little more than a week after it was announced.

Perhaps it was doomed from the start. Trump couldn't pull together enough candidates to fill the podiums: Only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum agreed to participate. The others cited concerns over Trump's flirtation with an independent bid if his favorite candidate isn't nominated. So enough is enough, Trump decided. Here's Trump's full statement Tuesday:

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Stephen Colbert on Monday gave Newt Gingrich a big tip of his hat for thinking up new ways to scare America.

Namely, the threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP): a nuclear device, detonated at a high altitude that would knock out all electronic devices in a huge area. That would lead to the "unthinkable," Colbert said: "We would have to listen to those Amish bastards say 'we told ye so.'"

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Jon Stewart on Monday took on Saturday's "battle royale" Republican debate. It was pegged as an opportunity for the lower-tier candidates to take a few shots at the party's new frontrunner Newt Gingrich. But one story rose above the rest: Mitt Romney offering Rick Perry a $10,000 bet.

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