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Mitt Romney only has "one tiny vulnerability" between him and and the White House, Stephen Colbert said Wednesday: "The years he spent as a heartless corporate raider at Bain Capital."

But that's all in the past, Colbert said. As long as he never reminds voters of what he did at Bain, he'll breeze into office. But earlier this week, Romney did just that. Referring to insurance companies, Romney said: "I like being able to fire people" who provide services to me.

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Jon Stewart rarely has nice things to say about cable news hosts. But CNN sort of had this coming. Taking a break from the 2012 presidential race Tuesday, Stewart homed in on "Early Start," a 5 a.m. news show that specializes in cold calling people in the early morning hours.

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Since Rick Santorum's photo finish in Iowa, Republican voters are finally starting to listen to him bring the "true, hot and heavy and strictly missionary," Stephen Colbert said Monday.

Like this line: Santorum a little more than a week ago said he doesn't want to make "bla- people's" lives better by giving them someone else's money. Hmm, what was that? Santorum is "pretty confident" he didn't say black. He says he started to say a word and then "blah" came out.

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Keith Olbermann never left Current TV. But now that it's been announced he will anchor special election coverage for the left-leaning network for primaries following New Hampshire, things appear to be getting back to normal.

"I am pleased that I'll be running the election coverage on Current, following this Tuesday's New Hampshire primary," Olbermann said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "However, I don't think those participating in the New Hampshire primary will share my satisfaction."

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After a disappointing fifth-place finish in Iowa, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took his presidential campaign full speed into South Carolina. And as TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro reports, it could be his campaign's last stand.

In Iowa last week, Perry said he was taking time to "reassess" this campaign. Only hours later, he emphatically tweeted, "Here we come South Carolina!!!" But that wasn't all. Attached to the tweet is a picture of the Texan in full jogging gear giving the thumbs up. Looking through his Twitter feed, it's clear the conservative cross-trainer enjoys his jogs and his dogs. See some of his best photos below:

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The Rick Santorum "surge" is real, ladies and gentlemen. The former Pennsylvania senator has raised a million bucks since his photo finish in Iowa earlier this week. And, as Stephen Colbert said Thursday, he has "caught the notice of the most influential voice of the 19th century": George Will.

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Since Current TV hired Keith Olbermann last February, the lesser-known cable network has been building primetime programming centered around the progressive heartthrob. But according to recent reports, the relationship is starting to fray.

First, Current claimed Olbermann declined their offer to anchor the network's Iowa caucus coverage. A Current source, citing internal emails, told TPM that Olbermann was offered the chance to anchor multiple times. The source said she didn't know why Olbermann declined.

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