David Kurtz

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David Kurtz is TPM's executive editor and Washington Bureau chief. He oversees the news operations of TPM.
So Much At Stake

Follow our coverage of the Supreme Court oral arguments this morning in those critical separation of powers cases right here.

Transition Into Greatness!

President Trump just unveiled his unofficial new campaign slogan: Transition Into Greatness! Rolls off the tongue, no?

MAGA recedes into memory. TIG limps to the fore. Big shoes to fill.

Why The Flynn Dismissal Is Way Worse Than A Pardon

No, this is not like a pardon by other means.

The Barr Justice Department’s corrupt abandonment of the prosecution of Michael Flynn after his guilty plea is a graver threat to the rule of law than the presidential pardon we long expected.

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Darkest Of Days At DOJ

The corrupt, unprecedented abandonment of the prosecution of Mike Flynn by the Barr Justice Department – despite having secured a guilty plea – takes your breath away.

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What Are COVID-19’s Long-Term Medical Effects?

Fascinating email from TPM Reader JO, whose personal bio is tailor-made for TPM:

I’m a critical care nurse working in a COVID ICU.  I’ve practiced nursing in a variety of settings, from helping to run an Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia to coordinating mass vaccination campaigns during the H1N1 pandemic.  I’m also a former political professional who really appreciates your insight and analysis.

One thing that I feel is really missing from the public discussion about COVID is the surprisingly high rates of (likely) permanent disability among those who become critically ill.
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Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD

‘It Is Hard To Be Optimistic’

As a non-expert I’ve struggled over the last week or so to make sense of the status of the pandemic in the United States, but overnight a top expert laid things out in as clear a way as I’ve seen in a while. You probably know Jeremy Konyndyk as a disaster preparedness expert who served in the Obama administration and has since become a prominent voice on the U.S. COVID-19 response.

His rundown of why things aren’t getting dramatically worse but also aren’t getting any better helps pull together the various contributing factors to the brutal daily death toll at which we seem to have plateaued. By his own admission, it is not an optimistic assessment.

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Why Return To Normal After COVID?

You may have heard talk of eventually redeploying the resources mobilized to fight the pandemic to tackle carbon emissions. It’s not a misplaced sentiment exactly, though I do think the parallels are generally inapt. But then TPM Reader FL wrote in a few days ago and framed it up in a way that felt more on point than other discussions I’ve seen. I yield the floor:
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Going Deep On The COVID Numbers

Important new numbers out this evening from New York City that for the first time allow us to take a preliminary look the city’s excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Josh Kovensky has pulled together the numbers.

Take A Look At These New Numbers

It would be imprecise to say COVID-19 hit NYC overnight. It was a slowly building menace, spreading though the community. But as these new numbers from FDNY show, the gathering threat hit the fire department like a tsunami at the beginning of the fourth week of March. The fire department was suddenly flooded with cases involving deaths at home or on the streets. Take a look.

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