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President Trump himself has already tweeted that he’s gunning to get the citizenship question on the census form for 2020 come hell or high water, despite today’s Supreme Court ruling.

How does he do that?

I mentioned earlier the time constraints the administration is operating under, namely how do you develop an administrative record in the compressed time frame between now and 2020. But longtime TPM Reader WT suggests that the administration may just declare a new rationale for the citizenship question, say the administrative record already exists and rely on the Roberts’ decision as basically a green light to proceed (emphases mine):

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We’re poring through the census citizenship decision. It’s exceedingly complex. In the immediate short-term, it appears to be a defeat for the Trump administration. But there’s a lot in this ruling that is favorable for the administration. So many questions. Still puzzling through it, as are legal experts. But a few initial thoughts.

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TPM’s Matt Shuham obtained internal emails among law enforcement in New Mexico earlier this year as officials grappled with how to respond to reports that a right-wing so-called “militia” was taking it upon itself to detain border crossers. “In any other circumstance this could/or would likely be a crime,” the head of New Mexico State Police wrote in one thread.

Big new development in the census citizenship case: Appeals court throws another roadblock in the path of the Trump administration. Tierney Sneed is working through the order and its implications here.

With the right wing extremists, you often end up not just with the toxic rhetoric and vigilanteism. There’s frequently something else. In the case of Jim Benvie, the new criminal charge of allegedly impersonating a federal agent fits the bill given his fixation with the border. But the alleged child cancer scam in Oklahoma (not a border state!) takes it to a whole other level. TPM alum Nick Martin has been on the case, and we catch you up.

As we survey the strange scene this morning of Trump’s Iran policy, a helpful thread from former American diplomat Brett McGurk:

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In an obscure move that hasn’t garnered much attention, President Trump has begun the process of withdrawing from the international postal union that establishes protocols for global mail delivery, a move which threatens to jeopardize the ability of Americans overseas to cast absentee ballots.

As recently as last week, the White House convened a meeting of stakeholders who work with overseas voters to discuss the exit, TPM has learned. But voting advocates remain apprehensive that the federal and state governments are unprepared for the ramifications of a U.S. withdrawal from the postal union, which could come as soon as this fall.

Tierney Sneed has our exclusive report.