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It may depend on your definition of fun, but the GOP establishment, led by Donald Trump, trying to keep ex-Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore from winning the GOP primary runoff is going to make for an interesting next six weeks in Alabama. Cameron Joseph has the latest on tonight’s results.

After that Trump racist meltdown, it’s hard to believe that Monday was devoted to whether he would say the right thing about Charlottesville.

The deliberate wrecking of Obamacare, which President Trump has declared as his political strategy, is going to come in many forms. Both acts of commission and omission. As Alice Ollstein reports today, Trump’s HHS, under the guiding hand of anti-Obamacare jihadist Tom Price, has abandoned the outreach programs that did so much to boost the ranks of covered Latinos.

It’s an important story, but it’s just one window into Trump’s planned demolishing of Obamacare. We need your help in tracking the myriad ways the administration is tearing down Obamacare so that it can declare it broken and revive repeal efforts. (That’s been the GOP MO on Obamacare for years, but Trump strips the pretense away and just says as much.)

If you’re in HHS, used to be in HHS, work with HHS or have in the past, or otherwise have information about the undoing of Obamacare by executive fiat, email us. That includes you, insurance industry folks, state regulators, and trade groups. As always, talk at talking points memo dot com is the best way to reach us. Put “Attn: Alice Ollstein” in the subject line and she’ll be sure to see it.

That Robert Mueller’s probe is beginning to examine to Trump finances is neither surprising nor out of the ordinary, as Tierney Sneed reports. But one point I hadn’t seen made before comes from a former federal prosecutor who handled national security cases:

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You probably saw the news this week that the Trump Justice Department is launching a highly dubious new project targeting discrimination against white students in university admissions policies. A pretty straight-up attack on affirmative action in admissions. But what you may not have seen was the troubling way DOJ was going about staffing the project, which is sounding the alarm bells for a new round of politicization of the Civil Rights Division, a disturbing echo of the department’s low point in the George W. Bush years. Allegra Kirkland has the story.

Mueller impanels a federal grand jury in DC and reportedly issues subpoenas about the June 16 meeting among Kushner, Manafort and Trump Jr., and that Russian lawyer. At the same time, Mueller probe is reportedly pushing deeper into President Trump’s business dealings.


The relationship between Donald Trump and Felix Sater is the kind of sordid connection that would have done in almost any past presidential candidate. But many of the details of their relationship remain elusive. In a series of interviews with TPM’s Sam Thielman in recent days, Sater has opened up about his past and his relationship with the president who now keeps his distance. Must read.

Please read Tierney Sneed’s account of being in the Senate chamber last night as it became apparent – in slow, excruciating fashion–that John McCain was going to block Obamacare repeal.

Big props to Tierney, Alice Ollstein, Cameron Joseph and the whole TPM team on covering this unprecedented legislative rollercoaster over the last several weeks and months. They work longer and harder and with more good humor than you can possibly know.