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John Light has put together a handy guide for tracking the Senate results tonight (Prime subscribers). Really pleased with this. Check it out!

How are things going in Dodge City? Well …

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The initial polls closing on the East Coast can feel a little anticlimactic, with a dribble of returns signifying very little and many hours of tabulating still to come. However, we may start to get a feel for where the night is going as some of those early East Coast returns in key races signal whether the day’s paradigm is a maximal Dem gain or a maximal GOP hold, or merely somewhere in between. Cameron Joseph highlights a few of those canary in the coal mine races that may tell us early which way things are headed.

Today is a better day than most to remember that the GOP’s forever war to tilt the election playing field in its favor by denying the franchise to minority urban voters while maximizing the franchise for white rural voters remains a defining feature of American politics.

The next big GOP power grab on this front is already in the works. Tierney Sneed has more in this Prime piece.

Your emails and photos from Election Day are one of the best parts of working at TPM. Keep ’em coming!

Here’s the memo I sent to staff this morning, written without the expectation that I would share it beyond that close circle. So it’s unselfconscious in that respect. It’s not a brilliant exposition on the election–just a reminder on our general approach to the logistics of the day:

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