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Here’s the memo I sent to staff this morning, written without the expectation that I would share it beyond that close circle. So it’s unselfconscious in that respect. It’s not a brilliant exposition on the election–just a reminder on our general approach to the logistics of the day:

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In brief remarks to reporters at Joint Base Andrews before he boarded Air Force One, President Trump lamented that the Pittsburgh synagogue attacked during a bris didn’t have armed guards. He spoke repeatedly of the bad “results” of the shooting that reportedly left multiple people dead, as if it were a poor quarterly earnings report. Watch.

The Supreme Court announces that Brett Kavanaugh will be sworn in immediately.

The Senate’s 50-48 confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh sets into motion a series of legal battles that will unfold for years to come over abortion rights, executive power, the administrative state, and other issues yet to be foreseen. These are not the battles progressive activists expected or wanted to fight. It feels like a generational setback. You don’t usually get to pick your battles. They are thrust on you. But it is the fight at hand, and it is only just beginning.

It’s a mere formality at this point, but the Senate is about to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  The voting is set to begin shortly. TPM’s Tierney Sneed is at the Capitol.

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