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In early returns, the U.S. Senate race in Virginia is neck and neck.

8:03 EST: Webb up 50-49 with 23% reporting.

The night's first GOP upset in the House is brewing in the KY-03, where Yarmuth is edging Northup 50%-49% with 68% of precincts reporting.

7:56 EST: Yarmuth edges further ahead, 50-48, with 78% reporting.

CNN calls Ohio governorship for Democrat Ted Strickland over Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.

The New Republic is posting what purport to be exit polls on the key Senate races.

Caveat emptor, etc.

Update: Washington Monthly has the same numbers (and same source?) here.

Despite delays, glitches, and other snafus, most polls will not extend voting hours.

In Denver, where the lines are long, the Democratic candidate for governor waited nearly two hours to vote, presumably for himself.

From the GOP handbook of Maryland politics:

(1) Recruit homeless men in Philadelphia; (2) Bus them into Maryland; (3) Arrange for the Republican governor's wife to greet them upon their arrival; (4) Outfit them in hats and T-shirts for the governor's re-election campaign; (5) Have them pass out flyers in heavily Democratic areas that erroneously identify the GOP candidates for governor and U.S. senator as "Democrats."

The complete primer here.

Update: A first-hand account here.