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2020 candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) told reporters on Sunday that she doesn’t regret hitting Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden over his record on race.

Harris said the tense exchange was about “sharing a personal experience” and explaining why Biden’s nostalgic comments about getting along with segregationists was hurtful to her.

“It may make people uncomfortable to speak the truth about the history of our country, but we must speak the truth,” the California senator said. “And we must agree that there not only is fact that is the basis for these truths, but that we should recommit ourselves to also agreeing that these things should never happen again.”

During the first round of the Democratic debates on Thursday, Harris confronted Biden about not only his remarks about segregationists, but also his history of opposing busing while serving in Congress.

Harris told the former vice president that as a young black girl, she was integrated at her public school through busing.

Biden denied that he opposed “voluntary busing,” but his voting record shows that the former Delaware senator pushed several anti-busing measures while in office.

Watch Harris below:

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