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Cristina Cabrera is a newswriter at TPM based in New York. She previously worked for Vocativ, USA Today and New York 1 News. She received her B.A at NYU. You can reach her at

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Late update: The Washington Post announced Tuesday evening that Somnez was “not in clear and direct violation of our social media policy.”

Hundreds of members of the Washington Post’s news guild signed a letter on Monday in support of Felicia Somnez, the Post reporter who was suspended after she tweeted the Daily Beast’s detailed report on the late basketball icon Kobe Bryant’s rape case.

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Republican senators, who have refused to allow witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump thus far, are reportedly shaken in their resolve after the New York Times published claims from an unpublished manuscript of Bolton’s book, which contains explosive accounts of Trump’s direct involvement in the Ukraine scheme.

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