Conor Dinan

Conor Dinan grew up in Falls Church, VA, and Paris. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Oxford University, and contributed articles to the student paper Cherwell and The Isis magazine. He is currently the polling intern at TPM.

Articles by Conor

Former reality-television host Donald Trump has a substantial 16-point lead in the Republican primary contest in South Carolina on the heels of his New Hampshire primary victory, according to an Opinion Savvy poll released Friday.

The poll, which was the first taken in South Carolina since before the New Hampshire primary, also indicates that competition for second place remains tight in a spread that is consistent with much national polling and with most previous poll results.

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Support for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in New Hampshire has collapsed precipitously, according to a Suffolk/Boston Globe poll released Friday which showed him falling from second place to fifth place in the state.

By contrast, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) surged by 9 points to a comparatively secure second place but still trailed the longtime frontrunner, businessman Donald Trump, by a 10-point margin.

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