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Allegra Kirkland is a New York-based reporter for Talking Points Memo. She previously worked on The Nation’s web team and as the associate managing editor for AlterNet. Follow her on Twitter @allegrakirkland.

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Snipers killed five police officers and injured six others during protests over two recent police shootings of black men in downtown Dallas. Three people are in custody and a fourth remained locked in an exchange of gunfire with officers as of Friday morning.

Watch live video of events unfolding on the ground below via Fox 4.

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It happened again.

And then again.

In two days, two new police shootings that left two black men dead.

Both incidents were captured in graphic, fragmented cellphone camera videos that provided viewers shocking but incomplete pictures of how Louisiana resident Alton Sterling and Minnesotan Philando Castile lost their lives.

In a twist, both cases involved black men who were armed at the time of their encounters with the police, though neither man was brandishing his weapon, according to initial reports from witnesses. One of the men was reportedly a gun aficionado licensed to carry a weapon.

The new incidents have reinvigorated calls for stricter oversight of the use of force by police and renewed questions about how much clarity video footage can provide in these incidents.

Here’s what we know about the fatal shootings so far.

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