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UPDATE 3:29 p.m.:

While a May 10 Gravis/OANN poll did show Trump polling at 49 percent support compared to 51 percent support for Clinton, a survey by the pollster released Friday also found that same result. Trump appeared to obtain and tweet the results of the June 16 Gravis/OANN poll before it was released publicly, creating confusion.

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As he so often does, Donald Trump on Friday applauded voters for their support, tweeting out a poll with an all-caps "THANK YOU!"

The only thing off was that the survey, which was from May, actually showed Trump trailing Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by two points. His numbers have dropped significantly since then, with Clinton now boasting an eight-point lead, according to TPM's Polltracker Average.

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If states can drug test low-income residents seeking welfare assistance, why can’t they do the same for members of the one percent asking for hefty federal tax deductions?

So goes the thinking of Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI), who spoke to the Guardian on Wednesday about her new Top 1% Accountability Act. The bill would force taxpayers reporting itemized deductions of over $150,000 to either submit a clear drug test to the IRS or accept the much lower standard deduction when filing their tax returns.

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