The Week In Video (TPM TV)

We kick off our programming schedule each Monday morning, with Josh Marshall in The Set-Up. This week, Josh looked at the panic caused by Cory Booker’s comments last weekend, in which he disagreed with the administration’s line of attack against Mitt Romney.


Later that night, Booker completed his walkback on Rachel Maddow’s show, and on Twitter, proclaiming that he firmly stands alongside the president .

Our regular Wednesday show introduces TPM’s PollTracker editor, Kyle Leighton.

This week, Kyle examined both parties’ decisions to go negative, and found some interesting results in the data:

Paul Werdel rounded out the week with The Wrap. This week, after some rocky times for Facebook, following its Initial Public Offering, Paul offered his thoughts on what to expect for Facebook going forward.

For a special bonus, Fox’s Stuart Varney got so excited about Facebook, he almost confused it with a completely different site. …

Tune in next week for more, and check out this week’s cable news in 100 seconds.

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