Today’s Must Read
McConnell Tells More About Iraqi-Insurgent Wiretapping Episode
Blackwater Accused of Engineering Prison Break
Feds Subpoena Records for Former DeLay Aide
Waxman to Blackwater Head: Let’s Have a Chat
McConnell: That’s Right, Openness Kills Americans
Complaint: Hsu Bilked Investors, Made Illegal Contributions
The Sound Of Silence
CBO’s Estimate on Long-Term Iraq Presence Appears Conservative
Power Lobbyists Push for Wiretapping Immunity for Telecoms
WSJ: New Charges Imminent against Hsu
CBO: Bush Plans For Iraq Will Cost Trillions
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Today’s Must Read
Veco Paid Employee For Stevens Renovations And Fundraisers
Ex-Justice Department Official Contradicts Intel Chief
But Where Can We Get One?!
Alaska Gov Wants Ben Stevens Out Of Republican Leadership
Expert: McConnell Claim “Totally Implausible”
Complaint Seeks Source of Coconut Road Language Change
Blackwater VP Advising Mitt Romney on Terrorism
Young Opponent Calls for House Ethics Review of Coconut Road
Blackwater Well-Positioned to Stymie Official Inquiries, Regulation
Paulose Admits She Faces A Special Counsel Investigation
Acting AG Was Last Minute White House Pick
Contractor Expert: State Dep’t Also Culpable in Blackwater Incident
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Today’s Must Read