House Purged Prosecutor Probe Moves to White House
U.S. Attorney Politicization Study Now Online
Reid: DoJ Was Set to Use Loophole
AP: Administration “Beats Abrupt Retreat” on Purge
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House Dems Push for More DoJ Testimony, Evidence
Dem: Rove “Needs To Try Harder”
Rove: Prosecutor Purge Is “Normal and Ordinary”
Subpoenas on Hold, Senators to Meet with Gonzales
House Members to Hit Wilson with Ethics Complaint?
GOP Sen: “I Can’t Even Tell You How Upset I Am”
Dem Senators to Gonzales: Purge Was “Clumsy”
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Senate to Vote on Subpoenas for DoJ Officials
ABC: Tracking Wounded Vets Cost Too Much
Madam’s Lawyer: Clients Were DC High Rollers
Domenici Lawyers Up
Washington Republicans Chased Ousted Prosecutor
DoJ Official: “I Am Shocked and Baffled”
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DoJ Vouched for Ousted Prosecutor