New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies

July 13, 2010 10:52 a.m.

1||July 13, 2010: George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, dies after suffering a massive heart attack.

Here, Yogi Berra, Steinbrenner, and Billy Martin celebrate winning the pennant after beating the Kansas City Royals on Oct. 14, 1976.||Newscom/iconphotos&&

2||April 5, 1982: Joe DiMaggio recieves the “Pride of the Yankees” award from Steinbrenner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. ||Newscom/UPI&&

3||February 15, 1999: Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams and Steinbrenner.||Newscom/Zuma&&

4||October 13, 1998: Derek Jeter pours champagne on Steinbrenner’s head after the Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians in Game Six of the American League Championship Series. They went on to sweep the San Diego Padres in the World Series. ||Newscom/UPI&&

5||January 7, 2003: Former New York Yankee Yogi Berra and Steinbrenner. ||Newscom/UPI&&

6||April 23, 1999: New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Henry Kissinger, Berra and Steinbrenner attend the special memorial service held at St. Patrick Cathedral for DiMaggio. ||Newscom/UPI&&

7||October 29, 1999: Steinbrenner and Giuliani gaze upon the team’s trophy at a victory celebration, after the Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves to win their third World Series championship in four years. ||Newscom/BS&&

8||1997: Steinbrenner and his grandchildren appear in a KFC ad campaign.||Newscom/FPS&&

9||March 27, 2008: Yankees players Alex Rodriguez, Jeter and Wilson Betemit face the the scoreboard during the National Anthem after the naming ceremony for George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida. The field is the home of the minor league Tampa Yankees, and the site of New York Yankees spring training. ||Newscom/Zuma&&

10||January 7, 2003: Steinbrenner attends a press conference after being named “The Most Powerful Person in Sports” by Sporting News. ||Newscom/UPI&&

11||Steinbrenner in the 70s.||Newscom/iconphotos&&

12||July 15, 2008: MLB Hall of Fame players greet Steinbrenner during the opening ceremonies of the 79th All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.||Newscom/UPI&&

13||October 18, 1995: Steinbrenner talks with the press after leaving a meeting with Giuliani at New York City Hall. ||Newscom/lrphotos&&

14||May 19, 1994: On the Seinfeld episode “The Opposite,” a never-seen Steinbrenner, played by Larry David, hires George Costanza (played by Jason Alexander) to work for the Yankees. David “appeared” as Steinbrenner in several episodes throughout the series’ run. ||CNN&&

15|February 19, 1984: Steinbrenner sits alone in the Yankee dugout at the Yankees spring training camp in Fort Lauderdale.||Newscom/Zuma&&

16||October 23, 1998: Steinbrenner gives a thumbs up to the crowd at City Hall during the ticker tape parade in celebration of the Yankees winning the 1998 World Series against the Padres. Mayor Giuliani and Yankees Manager Joe Torre look on.||Newscom/UPI&&

17||August 16, 2006: Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and Steinbrenner at the new Yankee Stadium groundbreaking ceremony.||Newscom/Sipa&&

18||September 16, 2000: Senate candidate Rick Lazio, Giuliani and Steinbrenner march in the German-American Steuben Day Parade. ||Newscom/showcasepix&&

19||April 16, 1998: Giuliani and Steinbrenner at a game.||Newscom/aiwire&&

20||May 1997: Japanese pitcher Hideki Irabu is introduced to the media by Steinbrenner.||Newscom/UPI&&

21||March 27, 2008: Steinbrenner unveils a new sign during the naming ceremony for George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. Also pictured are his daughter Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal (second from the left), and his wife Jessica Steinbrenner (right). ||Newscom/Zuma&&

22||April 2, 2010: Yankees Senior Vice President Felix Lopez sits with Steinbrenner as they watch the Yankees host the Baltimore Orioles during spring training. ||Newscom/iconphotos&&

23||October 28, 1998: Giuliani and Steinbrenner at a ceremony to present relief money to victims of Hurricane George in the Dominican Republic. ||Newscom/lrphotos&&

24||March 2010: Steinbrenner at a spring training game.||Newscom/spnphotos&&

25||February 17, 1998: Steinbrenner talks on the dugout phone during a Yankees spring training practice. ||Newscom/Zuma&&

26||September 26, 2001: Former Yankees player Dwight “Doc” Gooden sits in the stands and watches the Yankees’ minor teague team play, with Steinbrenner in the background.||Newscom/Zuma&&

27||April 16, 2009: Steinbrenner, Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Bud Selig wait for the start of the opening day ceremonies before the Yankees play the Cleveland Indians in the first regular season game at the new Yankee Stadium. ||Newscom/UPI&&

28||June 15, 2005: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Steinbrenner and New York Governor George Pataki pose in front of an artist rendering of the new Yankee Stadium. ||Newscom/iconphotos&&

29||October 26, 1999: Steinbrenner signs autographs before the start of Game 3 of the World Series, between the Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. ||Newscom/UPI&&

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