DeLay Feels The Agony Of De-Feet

On October 6, 2009, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay stepped down from Dancing With The Stars after a series of dance-related injuries to his feet. DeLay said Dancing “is everything I thought it would be.” We agree. Here’s a look back at The Hammer’s short and sweet stint on the show. The cha-cha, tango, samba — DeLay danced his way across the aisle and into our hearts. DeLay is pictured here in happier times on an August episode of Hardball, as he showed off his new dancing shoes.

DeLay began his training with Dancing partner Cheryl Burke back in August.

Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke.

Tom DeLay busted a move in a September promo for the fall 2009 season of Dancing With The Stars.

September 21: Tom DeLay danced the cha-cha to “Wild Thing” on the Dancing season premiere.

September 25: DeLay iced his foot before a rehearsal.


September 28: DeLay almost dropped Burke at the end of their performance of the tango, due to his injured feet.

October 5: DeLay, clad in a red pinstriped shirt with a blue elephant on the back, danced the samba to “Why Can’t We Be Friends.”

A downtrodden DeLay announced that he will not continue on in the Dancing competition. In a subsequent interview with Good Morning America, DeLay said, “I’m really disappointed I can’t go any further.” He also told Newsweek that he has “no idea” if Obama is a U.S. citizen. That’s our Hammer!