Bin Laden Killed: The Nation Reacts

May 1, 2011 9:26 p.m.

1||May 1, 2011: President Barack Obama announced in a televised addresss that United States special forces had killed Osama Bin Laden. Following the announcement, people rallied in the streets of New York, Washington, and elsewhere. ||Olivier Douliery/ABACAUSA.COM/Newscom&&

2||Hundreds of people gathered outside the White House late Sunday night into Monday morning, waving flags an chanting “USA” || Olivier Douliery/ABACAUSA.COM/Newscom&&

3||U.S. troops watched the broadcast of Obama’s speech about the killing of Osama Bin Laden from Camp Dwyer in Helman province, Afghanistan. ||BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images/Newscom&&

4||In Washington, the crowd swelled rapidly following Obama’s announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.||Benjy Sarlin/Talking Points Memo&&

5||Within an hour, severl hundred people had gathered outside the White House.||Benjy Sarlin/Talking Points Memo&&

6||||Benjy Sarlin/Talking Points Memo&&

7||In New York, huge crowds gathered at Ground Zero, and in Times Square.||Erik Hinton/Talking Points Memo&&

8||||Erik Hinton/Talking Points Memo&&

9||||Erik Hinton/Talking Points Memo&&

10||Washington, D.C.||Benjy Sarlin/Talking Points Memo&&

11||Washington, D.C.||Benjy Sarlin/Talking Points Memo&&

12||Ground Zero, New York City.||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

13||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

14||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

15||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

16||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

17||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

18||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

19||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

20||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

21||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

22||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

23||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

24||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

25||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

26||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

27||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

28||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

29||||Jens Schott Knudsen&&

30||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

31||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

32||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

33||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

34||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

35||||Talia Benamy/Talking Points Memo&&

36||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

37||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

38||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

39||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

40||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

41||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

42||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

43||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

44||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

45||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

46||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

47||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

48||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

49||||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

50||Washington, D.C.||Jeff Malet/

51||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

52||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

53||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

54||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

55||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

56||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

57||Washington, D.C.||Vaughn Wallace/Talking Points Memo&&

58||Ground Zero, New York City, NY||TPM Reader CH&&

59||Ground Zero, New York City, NY||TPM Reader JC&&

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