Schloz-Backed Voter Fraud Lawsuit Bites The Dust

Another nail in the coffin for those bogus GOP claims of voter fraud…

Remember how Todd Graves was fired as US Attorney for the western district of Missouri, after he wouldn’t go along with a Bradley Schlozman-backed effort to sue Democratic state officials for failing to purge ineligible voters from the rolls, alleging that this failure could open the door to rampant voter fraud? The Bushies then moved Schlozman himself into Graves’ position as US Attorney so that he could push the case personally.

Well, the case has quietly dragged on, after being dismissed by one court, then reinstated by another. But yesterday, lawyers for the Obama Justice Department asked a judge to drop the suit.

There wasn’t much doubt by this point about the suit’s bogusness, especially given what we’ve learned about Schlozman’s politically motivated approach to his work both at main DOJ and as US Attorney. But now it’s more or less official.

Another Republican claim of voter fraud bites the dust.