Koran-Burning Pastor: Muslims Are Welcome In America (VIDEO)

Dove World Outreach Center pastor Terry Jones — the man who hopes to lead his flock in a mass Koran-burning in September to commemorate 9/11 — says that he’s as welcoming of other faiths as the next guy. Assuming, that is, that the next guy also thinks that “Islam Is Of The Devil,” as Jones likes to say to anyone and everyone who drives past his Gainesville, Florida church.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Rick “The List” Sanchez, Jones said that the book burning was all part of his plan to welcome Muslims to American while simultaneously reminding them that their faith is an evil thing that must be destroyed at all costs (or, saving that, desecrated publicly in the name of Jesus.)

“We have nothing against Muslims,” Jones told Sanchez. “They are welcome in our country.”Watch:

(H/T ThinkProgress)