Jon Stewart On Chicken Sandwich Activism: Finally A Protest Americans ‘Can Fully Embrace’

What, exactly, drove thousands of people to the nation’s Chick-fil-A restaurants this week? Was it a chance to celebrate the First Amendment? Or a rally of support for the fast-food chain president’s comments against gay marriage? Jon Stewart can’t be sure. But eating chicken sandwiches is one form of political activism Americans can fully embrace.“What better way to stand up and say, ‘I oppose gay people’s right to get married,’ than to head down to a Chick-fil-A, grab a hold of two buttery buns, split ’em open and gobble down some of that hot, greasy cock,” Stewart said.

Stewart continued, on a more serious note: “If the massive culture war armageddon we’ve been dreading for years takes the form of record one-day chicken sandwich sales, maybe everybody walks away from this a winner. The right finally has got themselves a legitimate First Amendment gripe. And for people who are gay or support gay marriage, I get how seeing thousands of people come out to make this statement is incredibly disheartening. But take solace in this: gay marriage is happening. Like many drive-thru window lanes, it ain’t going backwards. And your bonus is this: you get gay marriage. All your political opponents are going to get is type 2 diabetes. Here is my prediction: in 10 years, America will have a lot more gay marriage and a lot more Chick-fil-A restaurants, because they are both quality products.”

Watch the video:

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