Colbert PAC Releases New ‘Cornographic’ Iowa Ad (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC is not impressed with big money groups “pandering” to Iowans with pro-Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) ads featuring cheap “cornography” ahead of this weekend’s straw poll in Ames.

Colbert’s PAC — “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” — believes Iowans deserve better. And featuring a gratuitiousy buttery cob of corn, Colbert promises his PAC is “going to give it to ya.”“We’re gettin’ get all up in those niblets,” he says.

Colbert’s PAC’s new Iowa ad is its second in two days asking Iowans to write in Perry’s name on the Ames straw poll. But, again, that’s “Parry” with an “A” — for America.

Watch the ad below: