Attorney For Birther Army Doc Hints At Using Discovery To Further Birther Cause

Appearing on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show today, the attorney for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Birther Army doctor who is said to be facing a court martial for refusing orders, suggested that if his client is court-martialled, he will use discovery to try to further the Birther crusade.

One week ago, the military announced that Lakin is under investigation after he refused to report for a second tour in Afghanistan. Lakin believes that President Obama may not be a natural-born citizen, and therefore that military orders are invalid.

Today, Lakin appeared on Liddy’s show with his attorney, identified as Paul Jensen.Jensen said that Birther litigation around the country has been dismissed because of lack of standing. He then hinted — while declining, on the advice of his “good friend” the GOP operative Roger Stone, not to publicly detail his defense plans — that he would try to use discovery to demand birth documents from Obama.

“Every criminal defendant has to be allowed the benefit of the doubt to discover information that may be relevant to defend himself against charges that could land him in the penitentiary in years and years,” said Jensen.

WorldNetDaily, which has been promoting Lakin, has also raised the idea of somehow demanding documents from Obama during discovery.

Jensen said he expects an investigation of Lakin under Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice — which precedes a court martial — to begin as early as today or tomorrow.

Lakin himself, who has been reassigned to Walter Reed during the investigation, has been largely quiet on the show, other than to thank several listeners who called in to voice support. “It did start before the election,” he said of his interest in Birtherism. “I am a pretty voracious reader of all sorts of media.”

“The preponderance of the things out there still shocked me that this is still a valid question that doesn’t have a great answer yet,” Lakin said. “I watched some of the other cases develop and again was shocked [that they] didn’t really touch on the merits of the issue.”

Lakin has been informed that his promotion to full colonel is in jeopardy, he said.

Other guests on the show included WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi, the activist behind the swift boat attacks on John Kerry in 2004.