GOPer Warned Of ‘Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin Type Regime’ Taking Over USA


Zach Dasher, the Republican running against Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA), in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District floated the idea of America being in danger of becoming a Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin-type regime.

“Are we in danger of this Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin type regime?” Dasher wondered. “Are we in fear of this happening here in America? Is this is far fetched to think that America could decline to a point where we are susceptible to be taken over by an authoritarian government? Well, I want you think about that for a second because I think we arrogantly think ‘nah, that’ll never happen in America.’ Why not? Why not?”

Dasher, a nephew of Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson, made those comments on a podcast at The comments were resurfaced by Buzzfeed on Tuesday.

In the same batch of audio from the podcast Dasher also said that the “eugenics movement in this country is alive and well” and said that MSNBC is “a major piece of the propaganda machine of the central planners of the Marxists.” He also said that schools are pumping kids “full of atheistic doctrines.”

Listen to the audio here.