WATCH: Joe Scarborough’s Rant Against Obama’s Tax Rate

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough on Monday — Tax Day in the U.S. — launched into a rant against President Obama after it was revealed that the President paid an 18 percent tax rate

“So a guy who I hear is worth $14 million is paying a tax rate far lower than what a teacher pays,” Scarborough said, adding the President’s “hypocrisy is mind-boggling.”

“This President plays class warfare for a year and a half on the campaign trail,” Scarborough added. “Let’s keep this graphic up. He attacks Mitt Romney for paying a lower tax rate than school teachers, repeatedly. Democrats repeatedly attacked Mitt Romney for paying a lower tax rate than teachers, than Warren Buffet’s (secretary) — poor Warren Buffet’s secretary, God help her, God bless her. And yet this President, after demagoguing this issue for a year and a half, pays an 18 percent tax rate, which, by the way, is half of the tax rate that I pay.”

Watch Scarborough’s rant: