War College To Probe Allegations That Sen. Walsh Plagiarized Thesis


The Army War College on Thursday said that the school would look into allegations that Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) plagiarized parts of his 2007 master’s thesis and may revoke his degree.

The college will put together a review board, and Walsh will be able to submit materials for consideration, according to a War College statement to NBC Montana. After the board conducts its review, the school’s deputy commandant will decided whether or not to revoke Walsh’s degree.

“We hold our students responsible for academic integrity. Then and now, we trust them to uphold high standards of academic integrity unless there is reason to believe otherwise,” Army War College spokeswoman Carol Kerr said in the statement.

According to the New York Times, Walsh plagiarized large portions of the paper.

When asked about the allegations by the Times, Walsh said he “didn’t do anything intentional here.”

According to a Walsh aide, Walsh was dealing with personal issues while working on the assignment — a member of his Army unit committed suicide a few weeks before the paper was due.