Ted Cruz Takes Tea Party Victory Lap After Cantor Defeat


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) defeat to primary challenger David Brat shows that the “conservative base is alive and well” and “voters in Virginia made D.C. listen loud and clear.”

Cruz said that in a statement released Wednesday, a day after Brat’s upset victory over the top House Republican. Here’s the statement:

The results of last night’s election in Virginia are reverberating all through the nation’s Capitol. Eric Cantor is a good man, but last night, voters in Virginia made D.C. listen loud and clear. This election should be a reminder to all in Congress – Republicans and Democrats alike – that the conservative base is alive and well, and the American people will hold us all accountable. Each of us needs to do what we said we would do and tell the truth. Washington needs to listen to the people, stop spending money we don’t have, and stand up and defend the Constitution. I look forward to working with soon-to-be-elected Rep. Brat to help turn our nation around, to pull back from the fiscal and economic cliff we are facing, and to bring back jobs, growth, and freedom in America.

Cruz’s office also highlighted an interview he did with Glenn Beck on Wednesday in which he talked about state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s (R-MS) strong chances of winning a runoff election and defeating Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

“As bad as it is getting, and it is getting bad, we’re seeing liberty under assault, we’re seeing an administration trampling our constitutional rights, disregarding the rule of law, but as bad as it is getting, it is waking people up. You look at the results of last night,” Cruz said. “Dave Brat was outspent 50 to 1, and yet the people woke up and said we’re tired of business as usual in Washington.

“You look at the results in Mississippi, where the fourth longest-serving member of the Senate has suddenly found himself in a runoff because Chris McDaniel is running a strong grassroots campaign. How does Washington respond? By heaping lies and personal attacks, and trying to attack any candidate who takes on the Washington status quo.”