Study Shows That NRA-Backed Candidates Flopped In 2012 Congressional Races

The website aimed at thwarting the National Rifle Association published another finding Tuesday from its ongoing study, with the latest release focused on the pro-gun lobby’s bleak showing in last year’s congressional races.

According to the latest report from political analysts Doug Schoen and James Farwell conducted on behalf of, the group spent $6 million on congressional races in 2012 and 76 percent went to candidates who ultimately lost.

The website was spearheaded in June by venture capitalist Ken Lerer. In the first iteration of the study earlier this month, Schoen and Farwell detailed how, in the 26 Senate races wherein the NRA rated the candidates, the 20 candidates with lower ratings than their opponents won. The findings of the study will be released throughout the course of the summer with the full publication slated for September,