Sasse To Hannity: ‘Some Of Us Still Believe In The Constitution’

Nati Harnik/AP

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) lost at least one supporter because of his tweet calling out the President for “recanting” his oath of office on Twitter Wednesday: Sean Hannity.

Retweeting Sasse’s message to the President — in which Sasse criticized President Donald Trump for attacking the freedom of the press — Fox News host Sean Hannity said supporting Sasse was “one of the biggest mistakes in my career” and called him “useless.”

Sasse shot back, saying Hannity “changed, not me” and that “some of us still believe in the Constitution.”

Hannity, a vocal supporter of Trump, responded with a series of tweets, saying he’d “never support censoring anybody!!” and calling Sasse a “#Loser” for not repealing Obamacare.

Sasse’s initial statement comes after Trump suggested that “Fake News” outlets should have their broadcasting licenses “challenged” or even “revoked.”

Trump’s irritation has been aimed at NBC News this week, after it published exclusive stories about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanting to resign this summer and calling Trump a “moron.”