RNC Chair Spars With MSNBC Host: Apply For A Job With Obama (VIDEO)


Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus got into a heated exchange with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts on Thursday over Republicans’ role in closing the federal government and the shaky rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

Priebus defended Congressional Republicans for seeking to negotiate with President Barack Obama by entering conference committee negotiations on a short-term measure to fund the government. Roberts noted, however, that such negotiations were predicated upon delaying or defunding his signature health law.

“Why do we need to attach the solutions or changes that go along with the law that has been vetted by the Supreme Court, by a mandate by the people reelecting the president and both houses of Congress,” Roberts asked. “Why should that be attached to to shutting down the government and as the president is saying basically writing a ransom note and asking for some type of goody bag in response for Congress doing its job to govern?”

“Those are some pretty good talking points,” the RNC chair shot back. “Let me just rewind.”

“They’re not talking points,” Roberts interjected, referring to a speech Obama gave in Maryland moments before the exchange. “That’s directly from what the president just gave us.”

“I think you should apply for a job in the Obama administration,” Priebus said later, after several minutes of sparring with the MSNBC host.

“No, I’ll come work for you guys and help you sort out what’s going on because your message is befuddled,” Roberts said.