Rand Paul Cites ‘Popeye’ To Explain Why He Opposes Budget Deal


Using a line from an old “Popeye” comic, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Wednesday that the newly reached budget agreement was like paying “Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

“There is a recurring theme in Washington budget negotiations. It’s I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” Paul said in a statement. “I think it’s a huge mistake to trade sequester cuts now, for the promise of cuts later. The small sequester spending cuts were not nearly enough to address our deficit problem. Undoing tens of billions of this modest spending restraint is shameful and must be opposed. I cannot support a budget that raises taxes and never balances, nor can I support a deal that does nothing to reduce our nation’s $17.3 trillion debt.”

Paul attributed the “hamburger” line to to the “Popeye” character J. Wellington Wimpy in a footnote. Paul said his office would footnote speeches and op-eds “like college papers” after he was accused of plagiarizing material from several sources.

[h/t Mediaite]