Protesters Drown Out Richard Spencer At UF: ‘Nazis Are Not Welcome Here’

Protesters drowned out white nationalist Richard Spencer’s remarks on Thursday at the University of Florida, chanting, “Fuck you, Spencer!” and “Nazis are not welcome here!”

“Fuck you, Spencer!” members of the crowd chanted as he took the stage, and later drowned out his remarks by shouting, “Go home, Spencer!”

“Well, I’m not going home!” Spencer replied from the stage, and accused protesters of “ganging up like some mob.”

Audience members chanted, “It’s your fault!” as Spencer talked about Heather Heyer, a woman who died when a driver rammed his car into counter-protesters at a violent white nationalist protest in August in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Complaint doesn’t work that way,” Spencer replied. “If you can self-righteously say, ‘It’s your fault,’ and what? What, are they going to throw me into moral prison?”

“Say it loud, say it clear; Nazis are not welcome here,” members of the audience chanted over Spencer’s remarks.

“I guess my question for you is, how did it feel to get punched in the face?” an attendee asked Spencer, referring to an incident in January, to cheering and applause.

“It hurt. It hurt when someone punches you in the face,” Spencer replied, according to the attendee, but when pressed, added, “I was fine actually.”