Politico: SNL’s Sketch Angered Trump Because Spicer Was Played By A Woman

Though White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to take “Saturday Night Live’s” impression of him in stride, his boss is reportedly not so happy about it.

President Donald Trump was apparently displeased by the sketch, in which Spicer was depicted by a screaming, gum-swallowing, prop-wielding Melissa McCarthy, because, of all things, McCarthy is a woman, Politico reported Tuesday.

“Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak,” an unnamed top Trump donor told Politico.

The sketch was a latest ding on Spicer’s record, Politico reported, as he has already gotten into several beefs with the press and was mocked in his first week for everything from his insistence on Trump’s inauguration crowd size to his ill-fitting suit.

Trump has repeatedly attacked “Saturday Night Live” on Twitter, but he so far has been silent on the Spicer skit.

Spicer shrugged off the portrayal in an interview “Extra” on Sunday, saying that McCarthy was funny but that she should “slow down on the gum chewing.” But, Tuesday’s press briefing marks the first time that Spicer will be face to face with reporters who will undoubtably have questions about the sketch. In an interview with Politico Monday, Spicer tried to navigate away from SNL.

“I would much rather have the focus be on the President’s agenda and the success he’s having,” he told the site. “That’s all I’m saying on it.”