Palin Clan Brawl: Seven Amazing Moments Revealed By The Police Report

It may have been the fight of the decade, at least in Alaska. And on Thursday, many of its salacious details were laid bare when Anchorage police finally released their report on what has become known as the “Palin Brawl.”

Police said prosecutors had decided no one involved would face charges over the Sept. 6 melee. The incident took place at a house party that was attended by the former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her family, and several members of the Palin clan ended up physically involved. But the report depicted the ordeal as a blood-splattered, drunken mess.

Some witnesses had already spoken to the media about the brawl. And the Palins themselves had made vague references to the alleged incident via social media. But police had yet to weigh in other than to say that they were investigating a fight and that members of the Palin family had been in attendance.

Below, some of the highlights from the official police report of the fight that left members of the Palin family bloodied and bitter.

1. The Palins Tried To Start Another Altercation After Cops Arrived

Witnesses previously said the Palin family got in their stretch Hummer limousine and left the house party before the police arrived. But the report released on Thursday made it clear the family was still at the scene and were even interviewed by Anchorage cops outside the house.

In one of the most striking parts of the report, officers described a moment where Todd Palin and his daughter Willow apparently got involved in yet another altercation with the owner of the house, Korey Klingenmeyer, while police were watching.

“Todd Palin came walking back to the driveway confronting Corey (sic) asking him if he called his daughter a ‘bitch,'” one officer wrote in the report. “Willow Palin walked up and also got involved flipping Corey off and getting loud. We eventually separated everyone and the Palin family ended up leaving.”

2. Officers Thought The Palins Tried To Hide Track From Them

One officer wrote that when he arrived, he saw a white limousine parked at an intersection near the party. Several people were walking with a bloodied man toward the limo and, according to the officer, “pushing him in as I approached, appearing intent on keeping him away from me.”

The bloodied man turned out to be Track Palin, according to the report.

“He appeared heavily intoxicated and he acted belligerent at first but I was able to get him to step out of the car and a female who turned out to be his mother, told him to talk to me,” an officer wrote. “He came out of the car to talk and was in the presence of his father, Todd Palin, mother, Sarah Palin, and he identified himself as Track Palin.”

3. ‘Heavily Intoxicated’ Bristol Described Being Dragged By Her Legs

Bristol Palin, the family’s eldest daughter, was seen by witnesses punching the owner of the house, Korey Klingenmeyer, multiple times before the family was told to leave the party.

When police spoke to her at the scene, one officer wrote, she appeared to be “heavily intoxicated and upset.” She described the situation in a far different way than others had.

Here’s how one of the officers summarized her statement:

She stated she didn’t know who Corey (sic) was and then said that Korey had drug her across the lawn by her legs and was calling her a cunt and a slut. She said the guy with the red shirt was dragging her., When asked how it started, she said that her little sister told her that a girl had hit her so she walked up and asked what 40 year old was pushing her sister and that’s when some guy walked up and pushes her on the ground. And starts dragging her on the lawn and calling her names. She says that she walks out into the cul dr sac (sic) and they took her sandals and sunglasses. She says she then saw Track getting attacked so she tried to help him out. She said she didn’t know what else happened and didn’t have a clue whether she hit him or not.

4. ‘The Entire Event Was On Camera’

Officers wrote that both the owner of the house, Klingenmeyer, and a guest of the party, Marc McKenna, mentioned that there was footage of the brawls. But if any did exist, police said they were never able to get a copy.

According to the report, Klingenmeyer specifically named a witness he thought had videoed the incident. But when police followed up with Klingenmeyer two days later, he told them that he had spoken to guests at the party and no one had any video.

In McKenna’s case, he was overheard by an officer “telling one of the girls involved that the entire event was on camera,” according to the report. When he was confronted by the officer, however, “he said there was not actually any camera.”

5. Police Made No Mention Of Interviewing Sarah Palin

In the report, police made brief references to having interactions with Sarah and Todd Palin. However, there was no indication in the report that either of them were interviewed by police.

6. Willow Told Cops Other Party Guests Were Saying ‘Fuck The Palins’

Another one of the Palin daughters, Willow, apparently expressed frustration at the way police were handling the incident. She said her sister Bristol had been attacked and that people seemed to be ganging up on the Palin family, according to the report.

“Willow Palin was extremely agitated saying she did not understand why we let the people walk away that were involved,” one officer wrote. “She then started talking about how Corey assaulted her sister Bristol and that several guys were on top of her sister when she was on the ground. She alleged that an older lady pushed her and that people were saying things like ‘Fuck the Palins.'”

7. Track Palin Apparently Tried To Pick A Fight With His Father

Officers talked to a witness, Brian Horscel, who said that earlier in the evening he had seen yet another altercation involving the Palins. He almost tried to stop it, he told the police, until he realized who was involved

From the report: “He said that earlier he did see Track trying to start a fight with his dad, Todd, and he was about to step in until he found out that it was Todds (sic) son that was trying to fight him.”

Read the whole report here:

Palin Brawl Police Report by tpmdocs

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