Nevada Dems Beg GOP To Hold 2016 Convention In Vegas Because Bundy


Nevada Democrats released a tongue-in-cheek memo Friday urging the Republican National Committee to hold its 2016 convention in Las Vegas because it would draw attention to GOP figures who praised local rancher Cliven Bundy before he made racist, pro-slavery remarks.

“Sure, after embracing Bundy for weeks — even calling him a ‘patriot,’ in [Sen. Dean] Heller’s case — most Nevada Republicans tried to distance themselves from Bundy after his latest comments were exposed,” read the memo, addressed to Chairman Reince Priebus. “[W]e are so excited about you helping Nevada Democrats put the national spotlight on Nevada Republicans like Bundy, Heller … among others, with a RNC convention. They are ready for their close-up, Mr. Priebus. And so are we.”

The memo, distributed by Nevada Democratic Party spokesman Zach Hudson, was conspicuously titled “Cliven Bundy And The 2016 RNC Convention.”

It cited the rancher — who has been in a public spat with federal officials for illegally using public land since 1993 — as another reason why “Nevada Democrats [want] the 2016 Republican National Convention to take place in Las Vegas.”

On Thursday, Priebus condemned Bundy’s musings on whether blacks were “better off as slaves,” calling the remarks “completely beyond the pale” and “highly offensive and 100% wrong on race.” Other Republicans, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), also denounced the racist comments.

But Priebus said the rancher’s comments won’t affect the RNC’s decision on whether to hold the 2016 convention in Las Vegas, which has been rumored for weeks. “It’s not Las Vegas’ fault,” he said.