Police Release Bare-Bones Reports On The Michael Brown Shooting


Local police have now released two incident reports on the Michael Brown shooting, which media and advocates have been pressing for since the Aug. 9 shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

The St. Louis County police, which has been the lead investigative agency, released their report Wednesday, according the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri. The Ferguson police released their report Thursday. But both have redactions, the ACLU said, and they contain almost no information that was not already public.

The ACLU called on local authorities “to begin building public trust and the first step is to release a complete copy of the incident report.”

A grand jury has begun hearing evidence on the shooting, and the Justice Department is pursuing its own investigation of the shooting of Brown, 18, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson earlier this month.

St. Louis County Police Shooting Report

Ferguson Police Shooting Report